How To Register A Company In India to Be An Entrepreneur?


Starting a business and to be an entrepreneur is always a challenging and confusing process. There are some official procedures that need to be done so that you can start your business.

If you wish to be an entrepreneur then you need to follow these steps:

  • Get the right business for you: For entrepreneurship, you need to find the right field for which you are passionate about.

  • Plan the business: This is the foremost thing in which you need the business strategy and involve the investors.

  • Know about the target audience: You need to do research about the audiences that suits for your products or services.

  • Arrange the funding: This is an important step if you are about to start your new business. You will need finance in order to start and expand your business.

So, this was all about how to be an entrepreneur. Now, let’s see what the steps of registering a company in India are:

Step 1: Getting DIN (Director Identification Number): This is the first step in which each director of the startup needs to acquire a Din number. For this, the business owner needs to fill eForm DIN-1.

Step 2: Getting Digital Signature Certificate(DSC): Once you’re done with eForm DIN-1 filling, you need to get a digital signature certificate. This certificate ensures the authenticity of documents that you’ve filed electronically.

Step 3: Get a new account on the MCA portal: To need to have a registered user account on this portal. Through this portal, you can fill eForm and make different transactions.

Step 4: Company application: The final step includes the registration of the company in which you are needed to provide company name and registration of office address.