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Accounting is the art of maintaining a company’s financial records. It entails recording, summarizing, analyzing and reporting on every transaction that takes place. In most cases it falls under the responsibility of the company’s accountant or the finance department at large firms; but for smaller businesses this responsibility may fall onto just one person.


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Accounting services made easy – Accounting is one of the most crucial parts of a company without which operations cannot be set up properly. Any kind of business entity – whether it’s an upcoming venture or an established one – needs to have a balanced accounting system for both consistency and safety. There are many different types of accounting including but not limited to cost management, internal controls, regulatory compliance, audits and tax services.

Financial Accounting – This accounting format deals with the preparation of financial statements and reporting of financial transactions for a business.

Management Accounting – This type of accounting aids in providing information necessary for financial and non-financial decisions to those who manage a company.

Auditing – Auditing is essential for organizations because it scrutinizes the books, accounts, statutory records, documents and vouchers to present a fair and accurate representation of the company’s financial situation.

Tax Accounting- Preparation of regular tax, sales taxes and other different types of returns called for experts to execute it. These are a set of financial principles that govern the taxes for a company which are enforced by law and different than general accounting principles.

Payroll Services – Accounting services offer various levels of payroll services, such as preparing payroll, calculating taxes and other with holdings, and issuing paychecks. You can also outsource filing for payroll tax preparation; calculate and record deductions or other employee benefits.

Statutory Compliances – Statutory compliance is essential for companies in terms of employees. Our accounting team knows all about the legislation a company needs to abide by when it comes to tax withholding, minimum wage requirements, ESI Fund and PF Deduction, Professional Taxation, Gratuity -and many other related issues involving employee benefits.

Virtual Accounting – Your business has grown immensely and so has the variety of services you offer. Virtual Accounting is an accounting service that, with qualified accountants working remotely, helps small businesses better manage their finances. With virtual accounting being flexible, efficient and affordable; it seems like a no-brainer for someone looking to grow their business without risking large amounts of capital or time.

Professional Accounting – In order for the Accounting Services to be executed and curated correctly you’ll need a team of professional Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries that can become an integral part of the accounting body. We offer expertise in areas such as Auditing, Cash Statements, Financial Statements Management – so if this sounds like something your company could use then we’re more than happy to send you out our information.

Tax Planning – Tax Planning aims to reduce the amount of taxes owed from both individuals and businesses alike. Proper Tax Planning will let you know how much money you owe for every financial transaction, allowing each transaction to take place in the most efficient way possible.

Everywhere across the country, people are shifting towards embracing technology- this is especially true in Bangalore where it is considered one of the leading hubs for innovation. Here at Aavan Solutions, we provide cloud-based accounting services to clients who may reside just about anywhere around the globe through our quick and efficient applications such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, NetSuite ERP, ZohoBooks etc. With this updated software and cutting-edge techniques that assist us in achieving unparalleled accuracy while working quickly – we will make sure you always stay ahead of your competitors.


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