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Incorporate a Public Limited Company (PLC) online in 5 working days in India easily with the Business lawyer, CA and CS Teams of SetyourBiz. The minimum requirement is seven people as shareholders and three Individual person directors. We will extend our support in preparation of MOA, AOA, NOC, filing with ROC, Shares Certificate and subsequent filing of Tax and Business return.


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Public limited company is type of business organisation with limited liability of its member and having capacity to issue shares to any public in return of money. One can incorporate the public limited company with online in India with help of three person as director and seven people as individual. To get business license as public limited company in Indian is easy process you need seven person and that can be natural or artificial person However, the director of public limited company must be natural person. All license related to public limited company issued in India as per Indian Company Act, 2013.

Document required for incorporation of public limited company (PLC) in India

  • One colour passport size photograph of all the directors.
  • One colour passport size photograph of all the shareholders/members.
  • If the Member is Body incorporate then passport size photo of person authorised on behalf of such body corporate.
  • Self- Attested Identity proof issued by government Like, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport, Aadhar Card any one of All the Directors and shareholders.
  • Business office address proof such as Water Bill, Gas bill, Telephone Bill, Internet Bill, Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill.
  • If Business office is on rented then rent agreement as per Indian agreement act including NOC for use of premises for business purpose.
  • Name of purposed Public Limited company (PLC) as per Companies Act, 2013
  • Business Object of Purposed Public Limited Company.


Advantages to registration of business as a Public Limited Company

  1. There is no restriction in numbers of members
  2. Ease in transfer of shares to any person such as individual or body corporate
  3. Transparency in business operation
  4. Identity mark of public limited company
  5. Formation, Management
  6. Limits the liability to its members and director
  7. Good Image and credibility in financial market

Procedure Required for Registration Completion for public limited company

A Public Limited Company (Pvt.Ltd.) can be formed with a minimum of two persons, and a maximum number which is not limited. It can also be registered by single person provided it is a conversion of sole proprietary concern.  rights, preferences, privileges and restrictions are mentioned in the articles of association. The memorandum is the charter of the company and shall always be subordinate to the articles.

Step 1 Preparation document and form for Digital Signature of Director and Shareholders.

Step 2 Drafting and vetting of supporting document such as DIR-9, INC-9, MOA & AOA,

Step 3 Preparation of name search report.

Step 4 Filing of Name reservation application in eform Spice+ Part A

Step 5. Preparation eform online for registration of public limited company.

Step 6 Digital Signing of eform such as Spice+ Part B.

Step 7 Issue of Certificate of Incorporation (COI) by the Registrar of Company (ROC).

Step 8 Issue of tax number PAN and TAN by the Income Tax Department.

Step 9 Drafting and vetting of resolution for opening of bank account.



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