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Employers must register with ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) in order to obtain ESI Registration. The ESI scheme provides social security and health insurance for Indian workers.


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The Employee State Insurance (ESI) registration is provided to all employees in every state, ensuring a certain level of security for them and their families. The registration is provided under the Employee State Insurance Corporation ESIC, which is a self-financing, autonomous body controlled by the ESI act 1948. Provisions of the ESI act 1948 make it obligatory for every employee who earns more than 15,000 a month to register for this insurance. For those employed in large-scale or small-scale industries, registration provides social security in the form of medical or financial aid in case of an emergency.

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is a national agency that provides health care and other benefits to Indian employees. Under the ESI scheme, employees in any organized private sector company can get immediate treatment when they are ill or injured. During the years of employment, workers can avail of the many benefits of ESI registration as many times as needed—for example, if an employee is injured on the job. In case of an injury, the employer is required to provide proof that the worker has been disabled and therefore unable to work. By doing this, the employer ensures that he continues to make payment for salary during these periods of absence from work.

Benefits of ESIC Registration – Social Security

  • In the case of an employee’s prolonged illness, 70% of the monthly salary can be claimed as long as the employee has not been certified fit to resume work.
  • The ESIC registration provides medical aid to the employee’s immediate family at very nominal rates.
  • Women are granted 26 weeks of paid leave to look after newborns.
  • If a registered worker becomes unemployed, the government provides him or her with a minimum grant for a period of two years.
  • Your company provides financial assistance if you are injured while working.
  • If you die while at work, your family will be entitled to 90% of your salary for every month since you started working.
  • If you become unemployed, and the reason for your unemployment is not your fault, then the government will pay you a small monthly amount for two years.

Key Point of ESIC Registration online

  • All establishments employing over 10 employees or that have employed more than 10 employees in the past have to register themselves with the Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), so that they can provide benefits to their employees under ESIC.
  • Employers who are covered under the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation have to file Monthly ESIC Returns on or before the 21st day of the following month. The return period is six months long, starting in April and ending at the end of September each year.
  • Employers must contribute 3.25% of their employees’ total wages, while employees can contribute 0.75% of their own wages to the Social Security fund. It is the employer’s responsibility to deduct the employee contribution from his wages and deposit it in the Social Security fund.
  • Employees earning up to Rs. 14,000/- only are eligible for the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) coverage, but all employees are counted when calculating the number of employees at an establishment.


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