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To export scheduled agricultural products and processed food, exporters must register with APEDA. The APEDA Registration is a one-time registration that entitles members of APEDA to several benefits from government schemes on exports.


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The Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is a government organization that helps Indian companies to export their agricultural and processed food products. The main objective of this organization is to provide financial assistance, information and guidelines to the exporters about the development of their scheduled products. A scheduled product is any item mentioned in the APEDA ACT that must be exported by registered exporters.

APEDA Registration, the purpose of this body central government is to promote export & development of schedule products, to achieve these objective various functions has been assigned by the central government to this body. The central Government is controlling authority of this body.  The authority will take care of the direction given and needs to checks that the implementation is done in the right direction or not?

Objective of APEDA

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority/APEDA is an Indian government agency that promotes the export of scheduled products as per the APEDA Act and the Central Government. It does this by undertaking various functions as laid out in the regulations provided by the Central Government. The Central Government provides these rules and regulations, along with its implementation, through APEDA for efficient administration.

Functions and responsibilities of APEDA

Registration of individuals as exporters of scheduled products upon payment of a fee.

We will collect information about the production, processing, packaging, marketing and export of scheduled products. This data can be obtained from factories or establishments or any individual as prescribed on any subject with respect to scheduled products.

Inspections on meat and meat products are performed at slaughterhouses, processing plants, storage premises, conveyances and other places where such products are kept/handled to ensure the quality of the said products.

Development of Scheduled-Products Industries by offering financial assistance, conducting surveys and feasibility studies, participation in enquiry capital through joint ventures, other reliefs, and subsidy schemes.

Enhancing the marketing scene of products around the world.

To promote the production and development of scheduled products for export.

List of goods and product cover in APEDA

Vegetables and their Products, Fruits

Meat Products and Meat

Poultry and Poultry Products

Dairy Products Such as Milk, Ghee, Oil

Peanuts and Walnuts, Groundnuts

Jaggery and Sugar Products, Honey,

chocolates of all kinds, Cocoa and its products

Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Alcoholic

Guar Gum, Herbal Medicinal Plants, Floriculture & Their Products, Cereal Products and Cereal


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