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The trademark is the most valuable intellectual property that can be owned for the indefinite time. The validity of a registered trademark lasts ten years from the date of registration, which can be further renewed for 10 years. For its renewal, please take steps well in advance..


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When your trademark is about to expire, you can renew it by filling out an online form on the USPTO website. Your attorney can complete the process within one day. The process is time-bound and quite technical, so you should file your form TM-R with a prescribed fee of Rs 10,000 within the due date. We are available to assist you in renewing your trademark registration with ease and at a reasonable professional fee.

A trademark is a word, phrase or symbol that identifies the source of a product or service. It can be registered with the government, but it cannot be registered if it is found to be offensive, lacks distinctiveness and contains government emblems. To avoid losing your trademark registration, it is important to renew it on time. The renewal can be done 6 months before the date of expiry. A notice for trademark renewal will be sent before the date of expiry.

If an individual or company fails to renew a trademark, the registrar will remove it from the Trademarks journal. However, this only happens after 12 months have passed since the trademark’s expiration date. Between 6 and 12 months after the expiry date, a company can renew its trademark on payment of a fine through a process called restoration.

How to Renew a Trademark in India

Trademark renewal in India can be either a change made to the logo or emblem of your trademark registration or it can be made without any change.

The procedure for renewing a trademark would include the following steps:

  • The trademark renewal application should be filed in Form TM-R.
  • To renew a trademark, the owner should file an application either by him/herself or through an authorized representative entity.
  • The renewal made shall remain valid for ten years, and the applicant must check the status of their application so as to ensure that their information has been processed and approved by the registrar.
  • The official gazette, which is the trademark journal belonging to the trademark registry governing the acceptance or rejection of trademarks, will advertise accepted trademarks.
  • The fee for renewal varies depending on the type of filing in case of filing done online cost is INR 9,000 for offline INR 10,000.


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