International Trade

SetyourBiz’s International Trade and Customs practice assists companies with international rules governing their businesses.

SetyourBiz has been the go-to for international trade law and policy in India. In fact, we were appointed to represent the Government of India in a WTO Dispute before the Panel and Appellate Body. We were also one of the first firms to represent them on WTO compliance – especially concerning what has now become known as some of their most controversial export incentives.


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Our well-rounded trade litigation practice is involved in a number of trade remedial litigations at all levels—from antidumping panels to the Supreme Court.

Our international trade practice utilizes the various levels of global trade – national, bilateral, and multilateral – to efficiently find solutions for you when it comes to issue such as obtaining access to markets or resolving disputes that arise between governments and private industry.

Our international trade team works closely with our colleagues, international organizations, the Government of India and its various departments – including the Department of Commerce – as well as other sovereign governments to service the needs of our clients located in India or foreign. With offices in Mumbai – home to over 16 million people and known for being India’s commercial capital – and New Delhi – where key decisions are made for one-sixth of humanity – we are never far from what matters most.

Trade Regulations and Transactions

SetyourBiz offers comprehensive assistance for business and individuals who need assistance navigating the complex regulations surrounding Trade Controls, which includes export control and economic sanctions. Our team knows what it takes to navigate these laws and regulations, having experience working with agencies such as the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of External Affairs. Whether you’re an individual or a company looking for help in understanding how Trade Controls will affect your business practices or you’re seeking advice on how to comply – we’ve got you covered.

Our job here at R&D is mainly to advise companies on the export classification of their goods, technologies, software and services. We also provide guidance on everything necessary for going through an export control due diligence process domestically or internationally – from drafting agreements to making sure those involved are well trained when it comes to following these guidelines. Additionally, we assist with drafting manuals for this area in order to spread awareness about what needs to be done and how it should be done when it comes to staying compliant with all laws related to imports and exports.

In addition, as part of our responsibilities we make sure businesses are aware of anti-bribery laws that are going on around the world so they don’t unwittingly break them during any cross-border dealings.

Trade Proceedings

SetyourBiz is a law firm that handles litigation for clients who are being investigated for violations of trade laws. They specialize in litigating against dumping, subsidies, safeguards and other trade remedies. This company has experience in handling disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO) level on behalf of its clients. we also advise its clients on how to properly handle regulation or non-tariff barriers which can inhibit exports or imports; they provide assistance with financial transactions that take advantages of investments treaties; or they may be providing advice about rules of origin issues involving determining what percentage of content items need to originate from a country to qualify for preferential tariff treatment.

Customs Litigation & Advisory Services

The International Trade & Customs team at ELP assists our clients with a variety of customs compliance matters, such as determining how to properly classify and value imported goods. The team helps new business owners establish Free Trade Zones (FTZs) or Special Economic Zones (SEZ), while assisting those already in operation with duty entitlement and other export-import schemes. We offer advice on tax structuring for investment and tax optimization for ongoing businesses, as well as policy formation, tariff rationalization, and government advocacy.


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