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SetyourBiz specializes in providing legal services at every stage of a company’s life, from the initial establishment to handling day-to-day operations and also taking care of highly specialized transactions. Our extensive experience in such areas as corporate law, tax law, competition law, regulatory structuring, and an understanding of various sectors has allowed us to develop ways to handle the complexities involved in even the most complicated transactions


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SetyourBiz is a top-rated business set-up company that offers a wide range of services to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.Services include business registration.


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When you need a team of professionals who know how to take care of everything from start to finish, no matter what kind of company transaction they may involve, then you need one we can call upon. From mergers and acquisitions to schemes of arrangement, even simple agreements like joint ventures or buyouts—we’re there for you.

Our expert knowledge in corporate law would make any one of these complexes deals an easier process for you. Whether it’s FDA regulations or IRS compliance measures—or even work visas (with our knowledge in immigration law)—you won’t have to worry about a thing. And since each transaction has unique needs when it comes down to the legal documentation required for each step of the way—these things only further increase our value when it comes time for big change.


Strategy & Structuring Advice

We advise clients on structuring transactions in line with applicable guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Direct Investment regulations, Income Tax law, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulations, Double Taxation Agreements (DTAAs), Stamp Duty Law implications; we do so because we are well versed in this field.

Transaction Support

Our legal team reviews, drafts, negotiates and executes a variety of transactions for our clients. These include term-sheets, business purchase agreements, shareholders agreements, voting rights agreements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, escrow agreements, schemes of arrangement (arrangements), stock swap (swaps) agreements – even employment and transition arrangements.

Regulatory Audit Support

Our Corporate and Commercial team assists clients in drafting, filing, and coordinating the regulatory approvals processes. This includes getting approvals from RBI, SEBI, FIPB, CCI as well as any other local permits or consents needed. We can also conduct tax optimization studies for you which will result in significant savings down the line.

Post-Closing Support

We offer post-closing assistance to our clients in the form of integration planning, risk mitigation, restructuring boards, and listing agreements. Our dedicated team has deep expertise in corporate financing, structured financing and securitization.

General Corporate & Commercial Laws Advisory

We offer legal advice to businesses across different sectors on how best to manage day-to-day operations, and also when they need guidance in areas such as employment law or leases

Support for PE & VC Investments

SetyourBiz’s Corporate & Commercial Practice is additionally supported by our PE & VC team, who assists key stakeholders in private funds, including investment managers, sponsors and seed investors, lead investors, funds of funds, placement agents and co-investors.

The team has experience representing both parties—funds and portfolio companies—in deals and knows first-hand what it means to be on both sides of the table.

Rupee and Foreign Currency Debt

Drafting and providing transactional documents for finance transactions, including structured financing, acquisition financing, asset financing, project financing and corporate financing. This includes drafting/negotiating/finalizing the respective loan agreements, security documents, contractual comfort documents, conditions compliance and ancillary documentation (e.g., escrow agreements; trust accounts).

Corporate Debt & Restructuring

Structuring and documentation include review of private placement memorandum, diligence and assistance in placement with relevant stock exchanges. Assistance on transaction documents and advice on restructuring transactions, including securitisation structures. These services are offered alongside reviewing existing debt documents for potential areas of improvement.


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